09 Jul

The precarious security situation within Iraq continues to garner interest without a major crisis yet, but still manages to provide ample commentary while maintaining the same cast of characters: Shia militias that act as proxies for Iran, Mustafa al-Kadhimi the former head of the National Intelligence Service and current Prime Minister and the National Intelligence Service itself. The moves that the Shia groups are making can be interpreted as part of a power play.

28 Jun

Pakistani police from multiple provinces and domestic intelligence agencies and counter-terrorism department have dismantled an Islamic State cell linked to both IS in Wilayah Khorasan (ISKP) and IS in Wilayah Pakistan (ISPP) in a cross-country operation that took place in Rawalpindi and Peshawar.

15 Jun

The new United States ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blome, a career member of the senior foreign service with the rank of Minister-Counselor, arrived in Islamabad to take charge on May 23. “Ambassador Donald Blome began his assignment at the United States Embassy in Islamabad today,” said a statement…

Sindhi nationalism
08 May

Ghulam Murtaza Syed, also known as G. M. Syed, was an influential Sindhi politician and is considered as the founder of Sindhi ethno-nationalism. He had formed Sindh Progressive Party in 1947. The main purpose of the organisation was to oppose the Two Nation Theory and to advance the struggle for provincial autonomy within a socialist framework.

26 Apr

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron in a report for Policy Exchange think tank has called on the British government to counter harmful narratives against United Kingdom's counter-extremism strategy. David Cameron has warned that UK’s counter-extremism strategy, which is called Prevent, “will not survive” just three years after…

18 Mar

Source Hawala system (also known as the ‘Hundi’ system in places like Pakistan, حِوالة in Arabic, as ‘xawala’ or ‘xawilaad’ in Somali, and as ‘underground banking’ in the banking sector) originated in South Asia during the 8th century and is used widely throughout the world today, particularly in the Muslim community, as an alternative means of…