17 Sep
In Pakistan, a mere accusation of blasphemy can be a death sentence. Even if the accused is eventually acquitted, they may still face persecution and violence. This is because the blasphemy laws are often used as a tool to settle personal scores or to target religious minorities.
19 Aug
When it comes to sudden and often violent changes in government, there is a saying that suggests that it is not essential who carried out the event, but who paid for it. The immediate future for Niger is looking bleak. The Sahel will suffer, as will Nigeria and Europe.
04 Aug
The events in Niamey that occurred on July 26th caught some analysts by surprise but if one looks at the situation in the Sahel as a whole one should not have been.
18 Jul
The weekend of 8 July was an eventful one in Somalia. The country remains unstable, and Al-Shabaab could once again be taking...