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2023: A Need For New Kind Of Security Analysis

Midstone Centre for International Affairs (MCIA) is a collection of experts, analysts and students from a variety of fields, from geopolitics to defence and from human rights to OSINT.

We observe and analyse important international events and geopolitical shifts with the goal of providing the most in-depth research.

We offer cutting edge analysis and consultancy for security and geopolitical events that help organizations understand how to protect their interests and investments.


What Services We Offer For You

We offer our services with the aim of helping better understand the effects of security or geopolitical events globally and offering insight into how things may shape in the long term. With a global team, we provide our services to private and semi-governmental clients.


We provide specialised consultancy on geopolitical and security events, OSINT, human rights issues, and more.


We analyse security and geopolitical events and patterns to help better understand international developments.


Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is information and media that is collected from the public domain. At Midstone, we make a great effort to stay aware of what is happening so that our clients and partners will remain well informed – OSINT is a big part of that. OSINT allows us to provide you with accurate, up to date and detailed information about the events that could affect you and your company.

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We aim to provide cutting edge analysis through our detailed reports and informative articles. Contact us for more awesome work to help inform your organization of critical issues in today’s uncertain times.


Latest Articles

Read our latest articles on national security, geo-politics, conflicts, OSINT, and other fields.

23 Nov
The security challenges in the Sahel are continuing the trajectory of moving southwards towards the Gulf of Guinea. And it appears that a new flashpoint may be arising as well.
27 Oct
India has solidified its standing as a major global force, whose advice on matters of war and peace would be heeded and whose voice of reason brought the mystical Indian idea of "one world, one family" to life.
04 Oct
The road forward for the United States in Africa will not be easy. Africa is a key partner both strategically and is also a key economic partner. But these are relationships that are sorely needed in a chaotic world.

Latest Reports

We publish in-depth reports on national security, geo-politics, conflicts, OSINT, and other fields.