16 Aug
The US economy is reported to have contracted for a second straight quarter; GDP growth declined by 0.9 percent on an annualized basis during April-June 2022, after a 1.6 percent contraction (or negative growth) reported during January-March 2022.
11 Aug
The winds of change have blown hard in several countries worldwide over the last couple of years, but rarely has a poor situation shifted into one of positive change.
09 Aug
As the global economy continues plodding toward a recession, widespread uncertainty and rampant inflation have already devastated Pakistan’s economy. But rising prices, absence of basic public services, and lack of opportunities have all been overshadowed by a dominating political narrative that emerged in March 2022.
05 Aug
Pakistan faces a war-like situation on its western front, which was created by the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan, which was hugely supported by Imran Khan who now has widespread support in Pakistan.