27 Oct
India has solidified its standing as a major global force, whose advice on matters of war and peace would be heeded and whose voice of reason brought the mystical Indian idea of "one world, one family" to life.
04 Oct
The road forward for the United States in Africa will not be easy. Africa is a key partner both strategically and is also a key economic partner. But these are relationships that are sorely needed in a chaotic world.
17 Sep
In Pakistan, a mere accusation of blasphemy can be a death sentence. Even if the accused is eventually acquitted, they may still face persecution and violence. This is because the blasphemy laws are often used as a tool to settle personal scores or to target religious minorities.
19 Aug
When it comes to sudden and often violent changes in government, there is a saying that suggests that it is not essential who carried out the event, but who paid for it. The immediate future for Niger is looking bleak. The Sahel will suffer, as will Nigeria and Europe.