Human Rights

Every person is entitled to basic human rights that allow them to live happily, safely and progressively. Midstone greatly values genuine human rights initiatives and closely monitors issues related to human rights. We provide specialised consultancy and analysis on human rights issues.

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23 Jun
When USCIRF (United States Commission on International Religious Freedom) released its 2022 report last month, one of the countries that were recommended for the Special Watch List (SWL) was Indonesia. 
21 Jun
An event celebrating the International Yoga Day that was being held in a football stadium in Maldives capital turned violent and chaotic after a charged Islamist mob entered the stadium and attacked the participants, which also included many Indians, on Tuesday.
24 May
Islamists in Pakistan have expressed outrage over a recent tweet by the United States embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, which expressed support for LGBTQI+...
23 May
The Taliban announced on the 7th of May that women and girls must not leave their homes unless necessary and they should do so only with their whole body and face covered.