Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is information and media that is collected from the public domain. At Midstone, we make a great effort to stay aware of what is happening so that our clients and partners will remain well informed – OSINT is a big part of that. OSINT allows us to provide you with accurate, up to date and detailed information about the events that could affect you and your company.

Here are some of the services we can offer your organization:

  • Social media monitoring
  • News and media analysis
  • Web scraping and data mining
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Geolocation analysis
  • Image and video analysis
  • Keyword and topic tracking
  • Historical data analysis
  • Competitive intelligence

We are committed to providing high-quality and reliable OSINT services to our clients. By leveraging the latest technology and analytical techniques, we can help our clients gain valuable insights and intelligence from publicly available sources. Whether you need assistance with social media monitoring, news analysis, or reputation management, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our OSINT services and how we can support your organization’s needs.



Imagery intelligence discerns the truth from what is seen

Current Affairs

Our team of analysts & experts stay on top of evolving current affairs


Monitoring, reporting and analysing global terrorism threats & incidents


We provide you with the latest information & analysis on modern conflicts & warfare